If you like surprises – Gardening is a good bet!

I’ve read quite a lot about gardening before I got my hands dirtied… But let me tell, theory is only good to know, practicals give an experience to your soul!!!

Many many benefits of gardening –

  • You learn to understand and appreciate growth
  • You learn to get patient – to wait to see them sprout, to flower, to bloom
  • You learn a lot – about plants, insects, soil, water, light, temperature and many many things…. And the learning is continuous
  • You have pleasant surprises each and every day!!
  • Its a healthy habit!
  • It improves your surrounding

And I can go on and on…

But here’s the surprise –

I harvested the coriander and I found some different plants growing in my pot. And I learnt about one of them. PURSLANE!!!



I’ve never tried this, but I believe its one of the most nutritious leafy vegetables and can be used in salads and in making dal.

Link for nutritional facts

Waiting to harvest some, and waiting saving seeds!!!

Yet to learn what the other one is 😀


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