The beginning!

Signs of Growth

I dream and I get up and get to work!!!

I’ve been dreaming of having a kitchen garden, since we stay in an apartment thee best option is to have some container plants.

My neighbor Preethi, was a channel for my dream to come true. One day, she just surprised me by taking me to the nursery close by. Knowing myself very well, I just picked one pot and few seeds (Coriander, Chilles, Tomatoes).

And with my busy schedules, the container was lying on Preethi’s shoe rack maybe for more than a month.

One night when I had some time, I asked my dad to help me sow the coriander seeds. It was an awesome evening, a great family time with Jessica sowing the seeds and me soooooo filled with excitement that the journey began!

Learning for beginners 

  • Dreaming isnt enough, a plan of action is the key
  • Start somewhere, start small
  • Have a plan for continuity

Personal Goals for Gardening

  1. No option of no life, does not matter what grows, but something must be alive at my balcony grill!
  2. Keep it simple – Its not necessary to have it all, but just something that can bring a smile to me
  3. Keep growing – I just have one container right now – its November 2015 may be I will come back after the next 6 months and update on the progress

Un-checking one goal from my dream list!!! Hurrayyyyy!!!


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