Some times we need to let go….

I started off my single little pot in my balcony with a lot of interest. I had some lovely greens.. there was life at the balcony.. I was flying high with the sense of accomplishment..

But when I see the balcony grill now, I feel so miserable about not being able to maintain it well.. As summer begins, the heat rises, the sun scorches it is impossible for me to keep pace with all the developments..

My plant is dying…


I am unable to provide time and efforts towards my goal of having a kitchen garden. I accept failure and want to move on..

I’m not going to pursue gardening for sometime now.. I want to have only three goals prioritized and the rest not really keen..

  1. Quality time with Family
  2. Give my best at my work place
  3. Try to pull off my Chronological 365 days Bible study

This blog will be silent for a while now.. 😀

Goodbye for now, but I look forward be back in this space… But I just realize this is not the time…


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