My interest for gardening, is something that is very close to my heart. Despite, time constraints I was able to grow so many veggies in my apartment terrace.

Documenting the 6 months of bountiful harvest brings so much pleasure. I’ve seen Red Tomatoes bloom, a little egg-plant – only one survived sadly, Green spinach, Sorrel leaves, Mint, and Coriander flourished, Something I never thought of growing but Mom gave me a sprouted onion and it did multiply!

Some Pictures for me to relish until the next time!

  1. Tomatoes – I had more than 60-70 Tomatoes from the pots for a periods of 3-4 months


2. Eggplant/Brinjal – The mistake of sowing too many seeds in a single pot led to very less survival rate and I could harvest only one single brinjal, it was cute though! The plants were affected with mealy bugs at a later stage so had to cut them off.

3. Spinach – Green and bountiful and fresh!!!

4. Sorrel Leaves – Lovely and tasty leaves, also for the first time saw lovely sorrel flowers!!

5. Onion – This was a surprise package, the lovely onion flowers were truly mesmerizing!

6. Coriander – Aromatic and fresh!

7. Mint – Growing from stems from the local market, they still keep growing in recycled milk cans!

Keep dreaming, of a little kitchen garden of my own 🙂


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